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      Estefania VillegasEstefania Villegas

      We are trying to implement failover using Centurion with Windstream as the MPLS circuit provider. We had set up the backups and were getting expected speeds (around 100 Mbps) on our transfers and then one day the connection speed dropped dramatically and never recovered (around 35 Mbps). We are still getting around 100 Mbps to our internal failover site at another branch also using MPLS, so it doesn’t seem like a problem on our internal host or with the circuit coming out of our building. And Windstream is saying they are getting correct speeds between their two pieces of equipment. It feels like a Centurion problem, but Centurion says it isn’t. So right now Windstream and Centurion are pointing at each other.

      Has anyone had any issues with their Centurion failover, or with speed issues with Windstream? Like I said, the weird thing is that it was working correctly for the first couple of weeks, so something either changed or broke.

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