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SMUG Meeting March 25, 26 and 27, 2015 Tentative Agenda 1/21/15


Wednesday March 25

  • Opening session – Meet and Greet  
  • Technology Plan and Product Roadmap by Don White and Scott Belle, Symtiar (All Session)
  • Loan Promotional Fields – Creative uses for big CU Impact! By James Burke-Frazier, Symitar
  • Managing File Madness by Joe Marton, Novell
  • The Importance on Having a Mobile & Digital Strategy for Credit Unions Going Forward in this Industry by nCino
  • Enterprise Wide IT Automation by SMA Solutions
  • HTML by Michael Orozco-MO Consulting
  • Unlocking the True Power of your Data by Denny Howell
  • Tellergy for Verifone by Sam Kang and Kerry Schiappa, Wescom Resource Group
  • How to Maximize your Core Data with Authenticated Member Communications by Adapt
  • ARCU Tips, Tricks and Valuable Features by Jason Bedsworth, CFS Consulting Group

Wednesday Evening Networking Event – Go Karts    

Thursday March 26

  • Security by Jim Stickley – (All Session)
  • SymXchange Update by Ron Kaplan and Scott Belle, Symitar
  • Easily Solve-Collaboration Challenges by Richard Borden and Joe Marton, Novell
  • MVP by Mike Blumenthal, Technology Happens LLC
  • The Next Generation of Online Banking by Access Softek
  • What can Cutek do to Help your Credit Union?  by Cutek
  • Is Call/Contact Center Outsourcing Right for my Credit Union? By Steven Holmes, AnyHour Solutions
  • Cards / EMV / iPay Roundtable
  • Meridian Link Roundtable
  • Project Management Roundtable
  • PowerOn Roundtable by Michael Orozco-MO Consulting

Thursday Evening Networking Event  

Friday March 27

  • Training Session – Mock drill
  • ½ day session by Tom Williams, Centurion (see Thomas’s Bio Here)
    • The Centurion Mock Disaster Drill provides financial institutions with practical guidance and preparedness for worst-case scenarios that can cause significant business disruptions.
      Through this drill, your ability to react to a major disaster event will be tested. The objective of the drill is to provide an environment to test your credit union’s ability to recover from a major disaster event. You will be teamed with some of your credit union peers and will be presented with situational events resulting from a disaster. Your team will have to make the difficult decisions to restore bank operations and service members. The drill is action-packed and interactive with some fun sprinkled in.
  • Training Session – Symform PDF
  • ½ day training by Mike Blumenthal and Josh Rademacher